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Lancia Stratos Project in cooperation with Lister Bell Automotive

July 6, 2012

The creations of design genius Marcello Gandini who worked for Carozzeria Bertone have strongly contributed to and influenced automotive design. Gandini created concepts and production cars such as the legendary Miura and Countach for Lamborghini, the Alfa Romeo Carabo or the Lancia Stratos Zero. The production version of the Lancia Stratos (only 500 were built) is one of my favourite sports cars. Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the best cars ever made. This machine was developed for only one purpose: winning Rallies. The car won the World Championship 3 times. Besides superb performance and handling the Stratos has a unique and outstanding body – typical 70s Gandini/Bertone style. The market value of Stratoses ranges from € 200.000,- € 300.000,- for the Stradale version and up to € 400.000,- for cars in Group 4 configuration. Because of the high market price and low production number the dream of owning and driving a Lancia Stratos only comes true for a few.

Lister Bell Automotive from UK has specialized in Lancia Stratos Replicas. Their cars are hand-built and drive and look just like the real thing. On the one hand, the main difference to the original is the powerplant: Instead of the rare Ferrari Dino V6 engine an Alfa V6 (2.5) or Ferrari V8 (308) are on the options list. On the other hand, a turn-key Stratos Replica from Lister Bell costs about one-fith compared to the market price of original Stratoses. In addition Lister Bell has also improved the bodywork with a more exact body fitting.


In order to make my dream of a Lancia Stratos come true I got into contact with Craig White – founder of Lister Bell – and talked with him about a Stratos Replica project. I showed him the design illustration, we discussed the details and the order was fixed. After me having placed the deposit, the team from Lister Bell has now started working on the build-up of my car.
Technical-wise the car will be outfitted with a reliable Alfa V6 with 190 bhp connected to a 6-speed transmission.
On the outside, the car will sport original style coffin-spoke wheels measuring 16” front and 17” rear. Other highlights are Group 4 round arches and Prototipo hood vents. Bodywork will be finished off in shiny dark, black-blue color.

The concept rendering illustrates how the finished car will look like.
More news on the building process to come soon!