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Lancia Stratos LB Project: Coming together, piece by piece

August 20, 2015

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Slowly, the car is coming together. The rear end got the tail lights fitted. Same goes for the front end.

Coffin-spoke front wheels measure 15″ while the rear wheels are 16″ diameter. Shoes are from Falken.

Door boards, shift console and carpets are a big puzzle which will be assembled in the cockpit.

The aluminium instrument panel houses authentic Veglia Borletti gauges.

-> Gallery: Pieces coming together

Road Runner Concept Chapter 16: Rear Seat fabrication

August 4, 2015


The upholstery is moving along at a slow pace. The upholsterer is a real craftsman who does a lot of detail in his work.

Everything is fabricated from sheet metal and then covered with foam which was sculpted before covering it with synthetic leather.

The rear seats are similar in design to the front bucket seats and are entirely handmade.

-> Gallery: Rear Seat fabrication