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-33% on Art Prints

April 28, 2010


Big discount on Limited Edition Art Prints of Leonhard’s Car Design Concepts. Each edition is limited to 99 pieces. Prints are signed and numbered by the artist.
Size: 24″x18″
Paper: heavy matte finish stock

Quantities of each print currently in stock:

Road Runner Concept: 45 (of 99)
Superbird Concept: 49 (of 99)
Charger R/T Concept: 60 (of 99)
Challenger Hemi R/T Concept: 54 (of 99)



M.A.C.H. Supercar Concept

April 23, 2010


For this project the brief was to provide a progressive and aerodynamic design for a mid-engined supercar. The client wanted some input concerning forms & shapes for the design and development of the body. The compenents that will be used are carbon fiber for the body & chassis, aircraft grade aluminium, titanium and other high tech material so the car is strong enough to handle more horsepower than the Bugatti Veyron. Right now the car is in it’s development stage and is intented to be better than anything on the road in every way …

-> Gallery: M.A.C.H. Supercar Concept Design

Dipping & Priming the body – Road Runner Concept – Chapter 3

April 20, 2010


In the next step the body of the Road Runner was brought to a company specializing in paint removal and rust neutralizing in Arlington, Texas. After the dipping process was finished the body got some coats of epoxy primer.

-> Gallery: Paint Removal, Body Dipping & Priming