Lancia Stratos LB Project: First Start & Roll Out

August 31, 2016

The Stratos project breathes and roars! It’s alive!

Lancia Stratos LB Project: Crossing the finish line

July 12, 2016


The Stratos project is (quite) finished! Recently the car was submitted for an IVA test which it successfully passed.

Summing up: This machine is best described as a Lister Bell Corse “S” because the central chassis section and the suspension are from a Litton Corse “S” kit and the rest of the chassis and all other components are as supplied by Lister Bell Automotive.
The engine is a 2.5 litre V6 from an Alfa 156 donor vehicle and runs with the 6 speed gearbox from the same car. The wedge shaped body is fitted with the Group 4 round arch style rear bodywork and is also notable for the Prototipo-type air exit on the nose section.

In the next step some details will be changed and added (mirrors, badges, decals …) to make it look like the original.

-> Gallery: Stratos Project finished

Lancia Stratos LB Project: Interior/Upholstery fitted

January 17, 2016

thumb interior_zpsnknlmwpl

The bucket seats, dash, door trim and carpets have been sitting for a while after coming back from the upholsterer.

All interior components have been fitted to the cockpit now.

Seats, dash and door trim are covered in dark grey Alcantara leather. Side panels of the seats are done in black imitation leather.

-> Gallery: Interior fitted in cockpit

Road Runner Concept Chapter 17: Return from the Upholstery

October 4, 2015


The interior work is completed and the result is really impressive and was worth waiting for.

Both – the looks of the outside and the inside are quite breathtaking.

The car was pulled back home to King’s work shop. Now there are a few things need to be done until the Road Runner can hit the road: + doing all the wiring, + getting motor running, + putting in windshield and back glass.

Besides King – the two other men heavily invloved in the project are Pierre Mabile (who did all the body work and paint) and Bill Harrel (who took on the whole interior). Very well done and great work guys!

Stay tuned to get to see the finished car soon!

-> Gallery: Road Runner back from upholstery

Mercedes Citan Cross Version

September 1, 2015

thumb-citan X_zps39ztvuuv

Mercedes-Fans – an online magazine dedicated to the famous car brand from Stuttgart – asked for a Mercedes Citan with Off-Road characteristics.

The Citan Cross evolves with a complete off-road bodykit including protective fenders, enforced rocker panels, front lip and rear valance. Further the ground clearance is significantly increased. Lamps on the roof ensure better view in the dark.

The Citan Cross is ment to be for adventure-seeking citizens and leisure-time sports activists who need a vehicle that provides enough space to carry equipment and a car that is capable getting anywhere.

Lancia Stratos LB Project: Coming together, piece by piece

August 20, 2015

thumb-coming together_zpsqompicrw

Slowly, the car is coming together. The rear end got the tail lights fitted. Same goes for the front end.

Coffin-spoke front wheels measure 15″ while the rear wheels are 16″ diameter. Shoes are from Falken.

Door boards, shift console and carpets are a big puzzle which will be assembled in the cockpit.

The aluminium instrument panel houses authentic Veglia Borletti gauges.

-> Gallery: Pieces coming together

Road Runner Concept Chapter 16: Rear Seat fabrication

August 4, 2015


The upholstery is moving along at a slow pace. The upholsterer is a real craftsman who does a lot of detail in his work.

Everything is fabricated from sheet metal and then covered with foam which was sculpted before covering it with synthetic leather.

The rear seats are similar in design to the front bucket seats and are entirely handmade.

-> Gallery: Rear Seat fabrication

Road Runner Concept Chapter 15: Interior in progress

January 20, 2015


King comissioned Bill Harrel to do the interior. Bill’s work is usually work of art. Besides executing the interior design concept, Bill brings a lot of own ideas for the interior.

The dash board and center console are already in dark brown vinyl leather with orange accent stitching. The area around the shifter will house window and seat heater switches.

The back seats are getting a complete redesign. The work in progress already shows that the finished interior will be spectacular.

-> Gallery: Interior progress

Lancia Stratos LB Project: Progress & Details

August 26, 2014


Lister Bell is doing progress on the Stratos project:

Most things are near complete in the engine bay. They have fitted new parts for the spark plugs and clutch slave cylinder. The drive shafts were stripped, cleaned and the CV joints rebuilt but fitted with new custom driveshafts. Made with the best grade material.
Work on the interior started with the dash panel.

It is really a pleasure to see how detailed the work is carried out. And all done at the highest standard!

-> Gallery: Progress & Details

Road Runner Concept Chapter 14: Body assembly

July 14, 2014


King and Pierre worked a lot and assembled the body during the past weeks. Some quick pics show the progress.

From the outside the Road Runner looks almost finished. The body lines look smooth and clean.

As a next step the car will be moved to the upholsterer.

-> Gallery: Body almost finished