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Dodge Charger Concept 1/25 Model Car

October 23, 2009

Peter Lombardo from New Jersey, USA, paid homage to my Charger Concept and built the Car in 1/25 scale.

2010 Dodge Charger Concept

The outcome is simply stunning and pretty close to the drawings. Very well done Peter! For those who want to discover the building process just see how he started and then the completion of the project.

Peter is a modeler with heart and soul and he has some wild and radical creations in his portfolio, like an Art Deco Style Coupe that he dubbed “Cybele”.
You can view this and many other works by Peter in his Flickr gallery!

Plymouth Superbird Concept

October 8, 2009

The design is based on the Road Runner Concept. It’s the comeback of a winged warrior. And a reminiscence of the good old days in Nascar Racing. Brought back to the future. Gentlemen, start your engines!