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Stripping & Repairing the body – Road Runner Concept – Chapter 2

March 25, 2010


The body of the base vehicle seemed to be in pretty good condition from far away. But a closer look showed rust on the typical critical areas. In addition the car had been in a couple of wrecks and the right sail panel (C pillar) had indications of a very poor attempt at repair. Pierre took care of the problems. He cut out the damaged areas and hand formed replacement sheet metal and new panels that he welded in. After some welding and grinding and a little primer, it is nearly impossible to tell there was any work done in those areas.

-> Gallery: Repairing & Stripping the Body

From the Virtual World to Real Life – Road Runner Concept – Chapter 1

March 19, 2010

The Road Runner Concept that was put up for auction previously and was intended to be built as a one-off prototype, did not sell. But, that does not mean that this design concept will never ever become reality.

Thanks to 2 ambitious car enthusiasts, it seems that the concept will turn into shape, with the fabrication process being a little different like intended. King Hardeman of Baton Rouge (Louisiana) owns a ’71 Plymouth Road Runner. The car was in a poor shape when he bought it in 1992 and sat at his house for another 13-14 years waiting for him to get some money and to find someone who could do the body work needed.


-> Pics of the base vehicle

Later, King found a car builder named Pierre Mabile in Donaldsonville (Louisiana). Pierre has a one-man shop that he works in part time. He has built several award winning vehicles including ’55-’57 Chevys. At first King and Pierre planned to make the Road Runner a mild custom. When they saw the renderings of the Road Runner Concept the project will now take a completely different direction.

On this blog you will get information and updates on the progess of the project. You will experience how the old ’71 Road Runner is coming to new life. The finished car will become very close to the Road Runner concept drawings.