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Road Runner Concept Chapter 14: Body assembly

July 14, 2014


King and Pierre worked a lot and assembled the body during the past weeks. Some quick pics show the progress.

From the outside the Road Runner looks almost finished. The body lines look smooth and clean.

As a next step the car will be moved to the upholsterer.

-> Gallery: Body almost finished

Lancia Stratos LB Project: Upgrades & Custom made parts

July 4, 2014

The people at Lister Bell got their hands on some special made parts and upgrades.
At this point the decision was made to upgrade the radiator to a larger aluminium cored unit which also has the benefit of accepting 12 inch radiator fans. To avoid ‘greenhouse effect’ in the cockpit an AC unit was added to provide fresh air.
The front brake got an upgrade to a 2 piece 300 mm disc and bell arrangement.
One-off piece fabricated pieces include: horn mount, rack boot, battery tray, front caliper mounts.

-> Gallery: Upgrades & Custom made parts