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Rear end fabrication – Road Runner Concept – Chapter 5

July 20, 2010


Trying to turn the rear of the original car into the illustration proved to be as big a challenge as trying to do the front but Pierre has done a great job. He removed the rear bumper and began with a new piece of sheet metal. A much nicer opening was formed where the original license plate/filler was so the fuel tank can be filled much like the original.

The Road Runner design concept has the exhaust exiting the rear pan but doing that on the real car was not feasible. There is a part of the frame just where the exhaust is supposed to be so the exhaust had to be directed to another area. The pipes now come out of the diffuser panel. But to do that, some of the undercarriage had to be cut and refabricated for clearance.

The next task for Pierre was custom fabrication of housings for the tail light lenses. King wanted the lenses for the housings custom made. The company he found that could do them wanted a lot of money so King ended up buying red lens material and some LED aftermarket lights. The result is unique and keeps with the theme of the Road Runner Concept.

As an added touch of his workmanship Pierre made a lip that runs around the lower part of the fenders and rear pan. It’s subtle but adds a lot to the look. The diffuser in the center will curve in (in the concept illustration it curves out) and will house the exhaust.

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