Creating an Illuminated Road Runner Head Logo – Chapter 9

The Road Runner Concept designs call for an illuminated Road Runner head at the front – behind the smoked cover/grille. The implementation was quite a challenge but King Hardeman managed it!


King started with a thick (15 mm) piece of oval shaped clear acrylic. The back was sprayed flat black and then the Road Runner head was deeply etched on it. Further a frame and body for the unit was created with blue LED lights integrated.

After some fine-tuning on shape and function the Road Runner Head is now ready to do it’s work behind the smoked glass/grille.

-> Gallery: Illuminated Road Runner Logo

One Response to “Creating an Illuminated Road Runner Head Logo – Chapter 9”

  1. Christoph Says:

    Das wird der Burner. Ich bin gespannt auf die Kraxn;-)

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