Lancia Stratos LB Project: Alfa-to-Ferrari “Engine Conversion”

The original Lancia Stratos was powered by a 2.4 litre Ferrari V6. My Stratos will be powered by a more reliable Alfa Romeo V6 with 2.5 litre displacement.

A few weeks ago I visited the Lister Bell workshop to see the progress of the buildup and bodywork. I also checked the Alfa V6 donor engine and thought that it would be neat to change the Alfa Romeo branding into Ferrari. To give the impression of a real Ferrari powerplant. Therefore measures from the valve cover and the plenum were taken and noted.


Back in the office, research on Ferrari engines was done and then 3D renderings for engine covers were created. The 3D data was sent to a company specialized in CNC aluminium parts. One week later the engine covers arrived. For the finishing touch the parts were painted black and the embossed structure sanded and polished on top.

Also a badge for the Oil Filler cap was designed and a decal produced. The illusion of a real Ferrari engine is now perfect.

-> Gallery: Alfa-to-Ferrari “Engine Transformation”

One Response to “Lancia Stratos LB Project: Alfa-to-Ferrari “Engine Conversion””

  1. Pierre Marc Says:

    Je suis un client Français de ListerBell pour une Stratos Groupe 4.
    Le montage est bien avancé, la voiture est roulante et je procède au montage du moteur (Alfa V6 3,2 l).
    Michel E, un ami m’a indiqué votre réalisation de plaque “Ferrari” : quelles en sont les dimensions et quel serait le prix si vous deviez m’en fournir un exemplaire ?
    Marc PIERRE

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