Fabricated Honeycomb Grille – Road Runner Concept Update – Chapter 8


King Hardeman wanted the lower front grille insert to look like in the concept drawings with the honeycomb design.

Creating one-off parts can be quite expensive and for projects like this some invention is needed and can save some money.
One day when King went to the shopping mall a simple shopping cart with a basket out of honeycomb mesh gave him inspiration.

So he searched the web and contacted a company that sells shopping baskets. It took some time to get them to agree to sell what he wanted. The first basket sides he received were too small. It took more E-mails to get the shopping cart company to send sides from a larger basket.

With the correct honeycomb base material in hands King now fabricated a frame to fit the lower grille opening and then cut the basket sides to fit. The outcome looks very good and proves that inventive talent pays off.

-> Gallery: Honeycomb Grille

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