Road Runner Concept 4 sale on ebaymotors

Road Runner Concept Auction

Yes, this unique and futuristic Muscle Car Concept is for sale. It’s not alive yet, but it will become reality – if it finds a buyer.

The basis will be the Chrysler LC platform combined with a 6.1L HEMI drivetrain. The body will be fabricated all new.

A fully working car finished off in high end show quality.

-> Just follow the link to see the details of the auction.

One Response to “Road Runner Concept 4 sale on ebaymotors”

  1. Neil i Outler Sr Says:

    I must tell you THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I CANNOT afford $950k
    I am looking at a srt8 Jeep. Bring this in at around $40k and
    you’ll sell all you can make

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